Staff & Principals

Kristine Oblock

Clean Water Network Coordinator
(303) 573-3871 x395

Steve Blackledge

Senior Director, Conservation America Campaign
(916) 394-5413

Marion Kinosian

Campaign to Save the Bees, Advocate
(202) 683-1250 x335

Emily Fieberling

Fellow, Environment California

Emma Shumway

Conservation America Campaign, Associate

Andrea McGimsey

Senior Director, Global Warming Solutions Campaign
(202) 461-2455

Morgan Folger

Director, Clean Car Communities
(202) 461-2443

Susan Rakov

Senior Vice President, The Public Interest Network; Managing Director, Frontier Group
(805) 730-1391 x 312

Tony Dutzik

Associate Director and Senior Policy Analyst, Frontier Group
(617) 747-4331