Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar Toolkit: Part Three

Homeowners and businesses interested in installing solar projects often have to jump through too many hoops, from cumbersome permitting processes to opaque zoning regulations. That kind of red tape can act as an obstacle, making it too difficult, time-consuming and expensive for many to make the transition to solar energy


Earth Day Activity Pages

Celebrate Earth Day with these nature themed activity pages.


Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar Toolkit: Part Four

When it comes to reducing pollution and global warming emissions, any rooftop without solar panels is a missed opportunity. Cities can seize that opportunity by requiring that new buildings include solar energy systems. After all, the most cost-effective time to add solar to a home is when the home is being built and the workers are already on the roof. Some state and local governments have adopted policies that require new homes or commercial buildings have solar power, and the idea is spreading rapidly due to its positive impacts.


Earth Day Window Sign

Print out our Earth Day sign and hang it in your window so your neighbors can see it on as they walk through your neighborhood. See if you can spot any on your walks too.