October 2020 Letter to Whole Foods

Today, we face a plastic pollution crisis that threatens wildlife, wild places, and the health and wellbeing of our communities.  Whole Foods’ efforts to reduce its plastic footprint, which include recycling and lightweight plastic initiatives, must be expanded to remove single-use plastic items from its shelves.


Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar Toolkit: Part Two

Cities have an opportunity to lead in the clean energy transition by powering their own operations with solar energy. Installing solar arrays on municipal roofs is the most visible way to set an example, but where on-site solar is not feasible, cities can still use off-site solar power to accomplish their goals. Either way, cities that use clean, renewable energy to power their operations serve as important role models for their citizens and other communities and stand to benefit in several ways:


Earth Day BINGO

This Earth Day go for a walk in your neighborhood and see what nature you can find using our printable BINGO card.