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 | by
Ellen Montgomery
Director, Public Lands Campaign

When it comes to making paper products, home products and construction materials, alternatives to using centuries-old trees exist. Paper products can be made from recycled paper and wheat straw. Buildings can be constructed with reclaimed wood. And bamboo is being used everywhere -- from paper to tools to flooring. This spring, Environment America Wild Forests Intern Natalie Dryja has been exploring the many alternatives to timber and wood pulp.

 | by
Mitchell Ukropina
Our Wild Forests Campaign, Associate

Procter & Gamble’s new forest policies demonstrate a disappointing lack of commitment 

Why we’ve been gathering voices for our oceans.

As an ode to the planet we love, we launched a Valentine's Day week of action to encourage Whole Foods to prioritize its relationship with the planet over plastic.

As freezing temperatures rock the Texas power grid, electricity prices are surging. Will your bill go up? We have answers.

Cities across Texas are posting water boil notices left and right as water pressure falls across the state. Here are some resources on how to make sure your water is safe, why our water is unsafe right now, and how we can pull together to get through.

We have been hearing for days about the need to drip faucets to keep our pipes from freezing, but we need to conserve. Here are the best tips we can find to help keep your pipes from freezing while conserving as much water as possible.

Our pipes are freezing in the current weather. Here are some ways to avoid frozen pipes, and some tips on what to do if they do freeze.

Out of the gates, here’s what President Biden did for America’s wildlife.

 | by
Malia Libby
Save the Bees, Associate

The butterfly’s plummeting population warrants protection under the Endangered Species Act, and now is the time for action.