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This is different from mending or fixing something because the goal is to make something entirely new.

Many of these great holiday gifts can be “found art”

Some of us don’t want strangers in our home to do things we used to hire out, from babysitting our children to cleaning our windows

If someone enrolled us in a class and paid for it, we might finally try something new


 | by
Kristine Oblock
Clean Water Network Coordinator

Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a gift of a favorite food?

 | by
Bronte Payne
Director, Go Solar Campaign

Working to save California solar in the virtual world

 | by
Sammy Herdman
Save The Boreal Forest Campaign, Associate

Director Angela Braly received more than 55,000 fewer votes than any other director

 | by
Elizabeth DiSanto
Protect Our Oceans Campaign, Associate

More than 250 community leaders joined the movement to protect our oceans by signing up to become “Voices for Our Oceans.”

 | by
Mitchell Ukropina
Our Wild Forests Campaign, Associate

The Tongass is the only habitat in the world that supports all five species of Pacific salmon

 | by
Morgan Folger
Director, Destination: Zero Carbon

In order to address climate change, the shipping industry must dramatically reduce global warming emissions by electrifying their trucking fleets.