Having recently joined the clean energy team at Environment America, I’ve been reflecting on this transition. It’s always motivating to hear others tell the stories of why they chose the work they do, and my aim here is to offer the same inspiration, and offer  a positive take on why we should all be excited about a clean energy future.

A straw and a sea turtle: Why we should stop using single-use plastic

By | Michaela Morris
Associate, Oceans, Environment America

The video provides visceral imagery of the suffering caused by single-use plastic. Marine animals, like this turtle, not deserve to suffer extraordinary pain because of the vast quantities of disposable plastic products that end up in the sea. 

A different kind of environmentalism

By | Graham Marema
Clean Water Network, Digital Organizer

When I was younger, if you said the word “environmentalism,” I would have thought about the candy wrappers littered on the playground and the stomach-churning angst I had about an ever-deteriorating planet. Now, when I hear the word “environmentalism,” I picture a society that embraces nature and all it has to offer.

The Tongass National Forest Under Threat

By | James Horrox
Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

The Washington Post reported that President Trump has instructed Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to issue a plan to open up [the Tongass National Forest] to industrial-scale logging.